Wednesday, 10 July 2019 11:15


Starting Receiver-attacker of Slovakian National Team ROMANA HUDECOVA signed with Albanian Double Cup holder of 2018-19 season; PARTIZANI TIRANA SC !  Slovakian bomber also will take part at 2019 European Championship Finals group stage which host by Slovakia too ! 

Mr. ROGERT HUQI ( The president of Partizani Volleyball women ) said that; HUDECOVA is our 1st international transfer beside our local transfers and we'll have more surprises to Albanian Sports society till to Champions League before  2nd qualification round vs. JEDINSTVO BRCKO which we'll play in home and also; we invite our fans from now on to Bosnia and Herzegovina to support our team at 2nd game as well !

PARTIZANI is one of the historical club with many fans and supporters in Albania and even in Europe cause of Albanian diaspora ! We are waiting support of our fans by all means cause after many years 1st time an Albanian Club will participate to European Champions League.