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Thursday, 16 September 2021 09:07


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Fenomenal UGANDAN opposite DAUDI OKELLO, became BEST SCORER of African Nations Cup 2021 by 141 points. ( 124 Attack, 11 Blocks, 6 Serve aces )
DAUDI carried his team to 5th position historically (1st time for Uganda) after beating Rwanda at 5th place final by (3:1). Also 2nd best scorer of tournament nominated YVES MTABAZI by 126 points ( 102 Attacks, 8 Blocks, 16 serve aces ) from RWANDA. MVP of Tournament HAJDADI from Maroc just finished 3rd by 126 poins but weaker ratio than MTABAZI.
Wednesday, 08 September 2021 12:11


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Strong opposite of UZBEKISTAN ; ISLOMJON SOBIROV ( 07.02.1995 - 2.00 m. )  renewed his contract with stabile club of Turkish 1st League ALANYA BELEDIYE SC.  for one more season.
The Vice President of Club Mr. CUMHUR SHENEL told that ; the club management prefer more stability of Men Volleyball team at 1st Division and they will try to replay at least the result of last season at their pool.
The Turkis 1st League will start at 10th October 2021.
Sobirov will get stage at Asian Championships Finals at Chiba - Japan at mid september 2021 together with UZBEKISTAN national team   
Saturday, 14 August 2021 07:04


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Slovakian traditional Volleyball Club VKP BRATISLAVA of Slovakia signed with Turkish mid player ECEM SAHIN ( 1.85 m. - 29 ) one year deal . 
Nowadays Turkish Female Volleyball is shining with impressive Olympic 5th Place at Tokyo 2020 and  Turkey saved it's position as 4th at FIVB's world ranking ! And Turkish female players became more popular at International market.
ECEM one of the rising mid player of Turkey by world famous EDA ERDEM's style. She has strong one foot take off attack, effective serves, stuff blocks and leader character.She candidate to be one of the highlight of Slovakian League 2021-22 and European Cups !   
Monday, 02 August 2021 23:10


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Fenerbahce's Nigerian tower ARINZE KELVIN NWACHUKWU ( 08.05.2002 - 2.15 m. )  signed a 1 year hiring aggreement with Italian Club VBC MONDOVI from Serie A2 !  
ARINZE was highlighted during 20020-21 Champions League pools and Turkish League and even CEV published an aricle about him: 
Wishing good luck to VBC MONDOVI and KELVIN ARINZE during upcoming season 2021-22.
Wednesday, 14 July 2021 18:00


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The starter of Slovakian National Team who will play at European Championship Finals at September 2021 MIROSLAVA KIJAKOVA ( 33 - 1.84 m. ) signed 1 year deal with new representative of ANTALYA City at Turkish 1st League; MURATPASHA BELEDIYE SC. 
Experienced Slovakian Receiver-Attacker KIJAKOVA was MVP of Taiwan Super League last season. 
The Head Coach of MURATPASHA BELEDIYE SC Mr. EMIN IMEN told that; their aim to get stronger till to Play Offs at April 2022 to qualify Antalya to Turkish Vestel Sultans League !      
Sunday, 04 July 2021 20:19


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The strong oppossite player of National Team of PUERTO RICO, GENESIS COLAZZO ( 29 - 1,85m )  signed with Antalya's new representative of 1st League MURATPASHA BELEDIYESI SC one year deal.
MURATPASHA BELEDIYE SC was signing with Bursa origin experienced coach EMIN IMEN and started to complete a strong team squad at least to play at play-offs. And at the next step to qualify to Turkish Vestel Sultans League !
Friday, 02 July 2021 07:51


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Shining youngster of Turkish 1st League Play-offs Turkish Receiver-Attacker EREN KANLI ( 16.01.1999 - 1.97 m. ) signed with 
traditional Turkish EFE's League club TOKAT PLEVNE BELEDIYE SC 1 year deal . 
EREN KANLI is member of Turkish U-21 and U-23 Beach National Team as well . 

The manager of Club Mr. ABDULLAH MERT said that; their bench became stronger with EREN's participation and TOKAT PLEVNE BELEDIYE SC will continue it's mission to produce to Turkish Volleyball talented young Turkish players !

FETHIYE BAHCESEHIR COLLEGE CLUB of FETHIYE Town signed with young talents; IPEK KARAYEL ( Setter / 21 / 1.81 m. ) , DILARA AYDIN ( Mid Blocker / 22 / 1.93 m. ) and BUSE KARADAN ( Receiver-Attacker / 23 / 1.84 m. ) and strenghten their squad . 
Priority for BAHCESEHIR COLLLEGE will be to survive at division and represent world famous touristic town FETHIYE of MUGLA City by the support of CAAN ATHLETICS members. 
Friday, 18 June 2021 00:29


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Vakıfbank origin young Mid player DOGA SU TUNCA ( 2001 - 1.85 m ) signed with strong representative of 1st League in Izmir City; GOZTEPE SC ! 

DOGA SU gave a message to GOZTEPE Fans that; their target to qualify to Sultans League and at least to take part at play-offs again.

Monday, 07 June 2021 22:20


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The star player of BENIN national team signed with traditional volleyball club of Bratislava ! After very succesfull season at Alanya Belediye SC of Turkish story, DAOUDA YAKOBOU ( 1.97 m. - 26 years old) will fight for Slovakian VKP for Slovakian League and CEV Challenge cup. Succesfull Receiver attacker the new export of African Volleyball to european leagues !

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