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ECEM SAHIN ( 1992 - 1.87 m. )  who was member of VKP BRATISLAVA from Slovakian Super League signed with Antalya's representative at Sigorta Shop 1st League of Turkey. MURATPASHA MUNICIPALITY aimed to qualify to Turkish Sultans League with participation of experienced mid player who has international experience.


Slovakian National Team's starter signed with CEV Cup representative of Bulgaria MONTANO VOLLEY. FILIP PALGUT ( 2.01 m. - 23.09.1991 ) signed with Bulgarian Top Club  for the season 2022-23. MONTANO Volley aimed to be again medal holder at the upcoming Bulgarian Super League and to represent Bulgaria by the possible maximum results. PALGUT will lead his national team at the upcoming CEV European Silver League competition.


Monday, 09 May 2022 08:59


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Thai Club NAKHON RATHASCHAMA signed with UZBEKISTAN origin  rising star ISLOMJON SOBIROV for the 22nd issue of Asian Men's Club Championship Finals. SOBIROV will face with world stars at that tournament as Saeed Marouf, Seyed Mousavi, Dimitriy Musersky, Nimir Abdelaziz and Ervin Ngapeth. 22nd Asian Club Championship will held at Teheran - Iran between 14-20 May 2022.


Succesfull Turkish Setter KARDELEN IPEK VURAL won the 2022 Kosovo Cup with KV DRITA by 3:2 victory vs FER Volley. Head Coach LORIK ILAZI's team showed its character and sensational came back from 0-2 loss to outclass its rival (24-26, 21-25, 25-13, 25-17, 15-13).


Turkish receiver-attacker BATI KAYHAN won the Kosovo Cup 2022 with VK PEJA after beating KV Ferizaj by 3-1 at Kosovon Capital Prishtina. Fenerbahce origined Turkish attacker took part before Sorgun Bld., Tokat Plevne Bld. and Hatay Bld. clubs. Kosovon Champion will represent Kosovo at CEV Cup at upcoming 2022-23 season.


Sunday, 17 April 2022 21:12


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The Montenegrin 2nd League end by the victory of OK Herceg Novi who lead by Turkish receiver-attacker Merve Korkmaz. The new comer of Montenegro 1st Division Aimed to win the Championship and/or Cup to get the ticket to play at one of the European Cups to represent Montenegro. Head coach of OK Herceg Novi Ms Sanja Jovovic told that, we are happy from Merve s performance and leadership to our young team.

Ugandan opposite of KEPCO WIXTORM ; DAUDI OKELLO ( 2.01 m. - 20.09.1995 ) finished 3rd after too many struggles during the season succesfully.
Suwon Club showed great efforts to be inside the play-offs at the last round of regular season. Even they beat last season's medal holder Woori Card at barrage game to took the play-off ticket; became short to go to play final game ! 
Somehowe succesfull end cause of lots of Covid cases and injuries during the season. KEPCO WIXTORM repeated their best ranking (just 2nd time to be in play-offs) after 2016-17 season at their Korean League history.


Wednesday, 06 April 2022 09:17


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Nigerian opposite of FENERBAHCE SC of ISTANBUL who hired to Italian Serie A2 Club SYNERGY MONDOVI at the beginning of the 2021-22 season finished by record points. Nigerian tower ( 2.15 m. - 08.05.2002 ) made 502 points in 22 games and 82 sets ( 6,12 per set average )  45  from attack,    43 from block and   23  serve aces.
Ofcourse he was the one of the highlight of that category and already at the transfer list of the several Italian, Russian, Japanese and Korean Clubs.


The experienced Turkish opposite DILARA BILGE ( 1.95 m. - 20.08.1990 )  played by outstanding performance during qualification tournament to MISLI.COM SULTANS LEAGUE and carried her team ADANA CUKUROVA BELEDIYE to Sultans League ! She also dominate individual awards and became best scorer and MVP of the tournament.
As a result of the tournament also ILLERBANK returned back to SULTANS LEAGUE after 1 season's absance. Adana city will represent first time after many years at the top league since 1995-96 Season ( SASA Sports Club- Men team ) but this time and 1st time with a women team.


Sunday, 03 April 2022 14:22


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TURSAD club of Bitlis won the Turkish Alpaslan İndustry 1st League title with superior play off finals performance of Kazakstan s National Team opposite MAXIM MISHENKO. TURSAD team finished playoffs at the top of the ranking by 7 points and hold the Cup ! By this result TURSAD club and its rival Hatay club qualified to Turkish Efes League !

Head Coach Mustafa Çayır told that; we are thankful to MAX cause of his mid season participation instead of our cuban player. He carried our team to victory not only with his performance by his personality too.

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