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US based receiver-attacker JEANE HORTON signed with newcomer of Turkish 1st League KUZEYBORU SC of Aksaray City. 

Jeane said that after Germany, Greece, Peru, Finland, France and Indonesia experiences she believe that she ll help alot to Kuzeyboru SC to play to top of the division.
Partizani Volley Women Team already won the 4th Cup in 2 seasons consecutively ! 
Red Devils beat Tirana Club at Final series in 3 games in a row and hold the Championship Cup and saved their Champion title ! 
BAYRAMOGLU, MASSO, HANSSON, REXCEPI and TUCI played great roles at that outstanding victory cause Partizani was entered to Play-offs from 4th position.
President of Club ROGERT HUQI said that; the aim of Partizani to represent Albania at Champions League at the season 2019-20 succesfully.
Saturday, 27 April 2019 16:43


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All Star Game of Japanese V-Premier Men's League finalized included many events !
Ciba Kun team beat Builly team ( 2-1 ) ( 21, -23, 12 ) and the stars as DIMITRY MUSERSKY and YAKAN GUMA took part at the game from foreign players . Succesfull Montenegrin Head Coach VESELIN VUKOVIC was coach of the one of the teams ! 
There were many award ceremonies, competitions between spectators and dance shows during that event and the players met with their fans at Cruise tour at Tokyo Bay after the event and signed many souvenirs for the rememberance of the day !
PTT Sport Club of Ankara qualified as Champion from Turkish 1st League to Super League with great performances of Libero BURCU GENC and Setter DOLUNAY ÇETİNKAYA. 
PTT defeat SARIYER at final game by a 3:2 thriller! YESILYURT SC of Istanbul also qualified together with PTT as Vice Champion to Super League ! 
Libero BURCU GENC said that, many thanks to my managers and CAAN ATHLETICS Company to propose me as libero and my target to play in future at Turkish Natonal Team as starter libero. BURCU GENC has 1.82 height and confidentially cover the court both at erve receive and defence.
JT THUNDERS HIROSHIMA finished by double victory vs Toyoda Gosei and Sakai Blazers by 3:1 stright scores at the last weekend of 1st round of Japanese V-Premier League Play-offs !  And qualified already to Final 3 games and secured a medal by 11 points.
By those results SUNTORY SUNBIRDS which lead by DIMITRI MUSERSKY became out of play-offs surprisingly.
JT THUNDERS who lead by Fenomen Montenegrin Head Coach Mr. VESELIN VUKOVIC was won the EMPEROR CUP at December 2018 and became one of the strongest candidate for V-Premier League title at Japan !  
TORAY ARROWS, JT THUNDERS and PANASONIC PANTHERS will start to fight for the Championship title next wekend.
Thursday, 21 March 2019 08:04


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Turkish receiver-attackers Esra Ötücü of Kale 1957 SK and Çağla Gügünağaoğlu of Bozüyük Belediyesi Idmanyurdu qualified by their clubs respectively to Turkish 1st Division after the finals of Turkish 2nd League playoffs. Both Caan Athletics origined players showed outstanding performances to carry their teams to victory. We wish a succesfull season to both clubs in their new challenge.

Sunday, 03 March 2019 22:15


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Double Cup holder of 2017-18 season and defending Champion of Albania; PARTIZANI TIRANA beat  MIRDITA at Cup final by 3:1 even they lost by 25-27 first set at final game ! 
4 CAAN Athletics based players ( Cuban DAYESI MASSO CASALIS, Albanian ARTIOLA REXHEPI, Turkish NEFIZE BAYRAMOĞLU and American INGRID HANSSON )  carried great roles at Victory ! 
The President of Club Mr. ROGERT HUQI told that; their aim to win the play-offs and to represent Albania 1st time ever at Champions League in Albanian Volleyball History and they have power and capability to realize that target !  
Saturday, 02 March 2019 01:28


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Asian Tiger YELİZ BAŞA will continue her career at Thailand Women's top division with NAKHON RATHASCHIMA Club. BAŞA aimed to win the THAI Super League Play-offs with her new club after Japanese, Korean and Indonesian Leagues ! 
BAŞA still is the No.1 Turkish player who plays at over-seas over 6 seasons (Japan, Korea, Czechia, Indonesia and Thailand) and it seems that, keeping that record for years long ! 
Monday, 11 February 2019 19:30


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KVF & FIVB organize Coaches & Players clinics all over Kazakhstan during next 3 months. 
International Volleyball Coach and FIVB's Coach Instructor from Turkey Mr. Nejat Sancak will share his knowledge and experiences to Kazakh Coaches and players at different cities of Kazakhstan ! 
Symbol player, Ex. National Team Captain and Olympian Yelena Pavlova will assist to Sancak during coaches&players clinics which will held at Almaty( 02-08 February), Taldykorgan ( 11-16 February ), Ust-Kamenegorsk ( 19-24 February ), Atyrau (05-10 March), Pavlodar ( 12-17 March ), Taraz ( 03-08 April ), Kyzylorda ( 10-15 April), Astana/for high performance Coaches ( 13-19 May).
General Secretary of Kazakhstan Volleyball Federation Mr. Yermek Syrlybaev told that; the clinics will organize first time ever at Kazakhstan and he is really thankful to Coach Mr. Nejat Sancak and FIVB and he believes that Kazakh Volleyball will get the feedbacks of that serious work very soon. 
The 1st leg of Clinics at Almaty already completed by the participation of 28 Coaches and 42 players  !     
Thursday, 31 January 2019 21:51


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Double Cup holder of 2017-18 season; defending Champion of Albania; PARTIZANI TIRANA completed their squad by the last minute transfer of experienced mid player Swedish origin American mid-player INGRID HANSSON . 
HANSSON who is 1.84 m. and 31 years mid-player played before Austrian, Spanish, Belgian, Dutch, Swedish Championships after her College debut told that; her aim to play next season perhaps at Champions league and she believe to realize that objective. 
From the other hand President ROGERT HUQİ called the Reds fans to tribunes to enjoy the taste of victory game by game !  
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