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KV DRITA of Kosovo signed with the ex-setter of KVM TECHNOLOGIES ; KARDELEN IPEK VURAL after her reliable performances during the season 2020-21.
The Champion setter had succesfull entry to Balkanian Leagues during last 2 seasons and her shining career encouraging the young generation of players from Turkey too.
Promising Slovakian Mid player LUKAS KYANICA ( 1.94 m. - 1998 ) signed with Czech Extra Liga's traditional club KLADNO for next 2 seasons.
Slovakian center also became actual for the Senior National Team squad of Slovakia.
Jakub Bucki, the current Polish Champion, will represent the colors of Asseco Resovia Rzeszów in the next two seasons. 
The 32-year-old attacker made a huge contribution to the final success of the team from Jastrzębie-Zdrój. Throughout the season, he scored 177 points, including 24 points serve aces . It was in this element of the game that he was remembered - a strong, difficult play is his hallmark.
Good luck Kuba !
The succesfull Receiver-attacker AYCA ISMAILCEBIOGLU renewed her contract with MERT GROUP SIGORTA SHOP Club of Sultans League!

The President of Club Mr. AYDIN KAYA told that; their target to qualify at least playoffs at the upcoming season 2021-22 after realizing those signings more than 10 players.

DİLARA YERGÜN from Bolu Belediyespor and ESRA ŞEN and AYÇA iSMAILÇEBİOĞLU from Sigorta Shop Clubs qualified after getting 1st 2nd rankings as Champion and Vice Champion. Both Clubs will play at Turkish Sultans League at upcoming 2021-22 season. We wish success to all our players and qualified clubs !
JASTRZEBSKI WEIGEL finally beat ZAKSA KEDZIERYN KOZLE at Play-offs Final game of PLUS LIGA of Poland  by 3:1 and hold the Cup. Polish opposite JAKUB BUCKI (KUBA) again carried his team to victory by his outstanding performances during 3rd and 4th set.

JASTRZEBSKI WEIGEL became new champion of Poşish Plus Liga 1st time ever after 20 years which Plus Ligaestablished.

Sunday, 18 April 2021 18:54


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Turkish Mid Blocker BUSE INCE ( 1.94 - 1993)  won the Hungarian 1st League title with Gödöllői RC after very succesfull season and by this result Gödöllői RC qualified to Hungarian Extra Liga for the season 2021-22 .
Buse also nominated as best mid blocker of the season according to statistics.

Thursday, 08 April 2021 22:52


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Traditional Volleyball Club of Polish Plus Liga; JASTRZEBSKI WEGIEL qualified to Play-off final after beating VERVA WARSZAWA ORLEN PALIWA at semi finals by great performance and leadership of Polish Opposite JAKUB BUCKI (1988 - 1.98 m.)
JWS won by slim margin at sets by (27, 27, 20, 24 ) a 3-1. BUCKI made 21 points ( 3 aces and 3 Blocks ) and nominated as MVP of the game. By this result ; JWS qualified to play-off finals first time ever after 23 years interval. BUCKI's contract with JWS already end and he already  signed a new contract with another massive Polish Liga Club a 2 seasons aggreement.
Thursday, 28 January 2021 23:20


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Daudi Okello, who scored 172 points in 6 games at Korean V-League selected MVP of 4th Round by the votes of sports reporters 17 out of 31.
American national Russell got 7 votes, Portuguese Alex Ferreira got 2 votes, Keita got 1 vote!
V-League organization awarded 2 Million Won to Daudi!
Daudi also selected to ALL-STAR team of 2020-21 season by the votes of fans and sport journalists.

Sunday, 06 December 2020 09:47


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The shining star of Central Asian group of Asian Confederation ISLOMJON SOBIROV ( 2.00 m. - 1995 ) signed with leader of 1st League of Turkey ALANYA BELEDIYE SC ! Uzbekistan origin opposite SOBIROV was MVP of Central Asian qualification pool for Asian Championship at 2019. 
The President of Alanya Belediye SC Mr. MEHMET ERKEN told that; "We aimed to qualify to Turkish EFE's League in this season and we'll continue to strenghten our team squad by several transfers more till to end of transfer period."
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