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Sunday, 28 June 2020 00:26


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Well known Club of Turkish 1st League transferred one of the highlight of the season 2019-20 .
Eczacıbashi origin opposite DILARA YERGUN was showed great performances with IZMIR BUYUKSEHIR BELEDIYE SC. And she was best scorer of the regular season at Pool A of 1st League ( The play-offs were cancelled cause of COVID-19 ).
BOLU BELEDIYE SC signed with DILARA YERGUN and became one of the favourite to qualify to Vestel Venus Sultans League of Turkey said Head Cocah SALIH YERGIN. 
Nowadays; Beach Volleyball center of Europe; Alanya City's Municipality Sports Club signed outstanding contracts with well known veteran setter, Ex. National Team Player GOKTUG SEREF ( 1.89 m. - 1988 )  and progressing outside hitter MURAT ERDOGAN ( 1.98 m. - 1999 ).
Experienced setter GOKTUG SEREF was qualified with SOLHAN VC to Turkish Efe's League and MURAT ERDOGAN was also qualified from 2nd League to 1st League with ERZIN YESILKENT SC. 
The President of ALANYA BELEDIYE SC Mr. MEHMET ERKEN told that; they'll try to show some good volleyball to Turkish Volleyball Fans and in time they aimed to build a perfect team structure to be one of the participant to Play-offs first !     
Rising young talent of SORGUN BELEDIYE SC moved to TOKAT PLEVNE BELEDIYE SC and signed 1 year aggreement.
BATI KAYHAN was one of the highlight of Turkish EFE's League during season 2019-20 which ended at the end of regular season cause of COVID-19.
Turkish top opposite DILARA BILGE signed a one-year aggreement with the Seagulls of Bosphorous . 
Istanbul's one of representative at Sultans League of Turkey; SARIYER SC returned back to top category after 3 seasons interval.
Dilara said that; I'm very happy to signed with Sarıyer. I wish to all my team mates, coaching staff, managers and Sarıyer fans a very succesfull season.
Friday, 15 May 2020 13:12


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Ugandan bomber of HYUNDAI SKYWALKERS CHEONAN of SOUTH KOREAN V-League renewed his contrat during KOVO's 2020 Try-out Draft. 2020-21 season will be the consecutive 2nd season of nicknamed OKILLER at South Korean V-League. 
OKELLO was transfered to HYUNDAI mid season of 2019-20  when HYUNDAI was 6th at ranking and finished the regular season 3rd after his participation and season ended without Play-offs at Korea due COVID-19 trouble.

Head Coach of HYUNDAI, Mr. Choi Tae-woong told that; he is happy from adoptation of DAUDI to Korean Volleyball and Korean life and Hyundai's management expect a good start and perfect finish during the season cause of the better harmony of team.

The Challenge Cup representative of Azerbaijan, internationaly very well known top club AZERRAIL BAKU signed with Slovakian receiver-attacker ROMANA HUDECOVA for the season 2020-21 ! 
HUDECOVA was shining by her top performances at Champions League Qualification round games by Partizani Tirana of Albania !
The team manager of Azerbaijanian Club side Mr. ONAT KURT said that: We believe ROMANA will be great benefit for our club by her strong power jump serves and back court attack abilities! And the aim of AZERRAIL to focus to win CHALLENGE Cup and Azerbaijanian League as well.
South Korean Volleyball League Champion decided without Play-off games by KOVO and confirmation of al Men participating Clubs.
By this result WOORICARD WIBEE Club won 1st time ever at Korean V-League History the Title.

The Slovakian Coach of WOORICARD ; Mr. MARTIN NEMEC told that; they deserved as a team players and Staff that result after 2 years very hard work and they aimed to save the title for the next season too. And he said that; many thanks to WOORICARD Club management and my agency CAAN ATHLETICS to gave me that great chance.

Slovakian outside hitter JULIUS FIRKAL continue to show impressive performances both in attack and serve at Turkish EFE's League with TOKAT PLEVNE BELEDIYE SC  ! FIRKAL finally outclassed INEGOL BELEDIYE SC by straight away victory and after the game INEGOL BELEDIYE SC part ways with Head Coach Aykut Lale !  
JULIUS FIRKAL shining as one of the highlights of Turkish EFE's League and eye blinking to Top Clubs of League as FENERBAHCE, ARKAS etc.
Monday, 02 March 2020 07:44


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VC KLADNO won the CZECHIA CUP 2020 vs. JIHOSTROJ CESKE BUDOJEVICE by 3:1 straight score. Colombian Mid player CHRISTIAN PALACIOS and team captain ( mid player ) ADAM ZAJICEK showed outstanding performances to defeat the opponents both in Final game and semi final vs DUKLA LIBEREC !  

Sunday, 26 January 2020 11:32


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One of the major club of Turkish Vestel Venus Sultans League still suffering at 1st League of Turkey .
Before upcoming play-offs; ILBANK transferred one of the best opposite of the Vestel Venus Sultans League DILARA BILE from BESIKTAS JK !  BILGE s 29 years old with 1.95 m. height and she has also stuff bloks besides her killing effectivity ! 

After that transfer ILBANK became No 1 candidate to qualify to Sultans League before upcoming play-offs and BESIKTAS feels more close to 1st League relegation point.

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