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Ugandan Bomber of HYUNDAI SKYWALKERS Cheonan DAUDI OKELLO nominated as MVP according to Official Statistics ( 136 Points , %68.42 Attack Efficiency) .    
HYUNDAI SKYWALKERS Club of Korean V-League rised to 2nd place at the ranking after participation of Ugandan opposite  DAUDI OKELLO at late November 2019.
HYUNDAI SKYWALKERS won 6 games out of 7 with DAUDI and climbed from 5th position to 2nd and advanced for play-off participation before new year 2020 !
DAUDI was starting to season at Turkish Efe's League and than was realizing a mid season transfer to Korean Club.
KOREAN AIRLINES JUMBOSstill leading the Korean V-League !

A volleyball set ended with a huge score of 50 to 48 in the German men's championship on Saturday on the 11th day of the Bundesliga. While a set is played up to 25 points, it takes two points apart to settle it. The game between the Alpenvolley Haching and Luneberg in Unterhaching was extended especially in the third inning when the two teams overused two 16 set balls ending up deciding at 50-48 after 55 minutes of play.

The meeting lasted 2 hours and 19 minutes. For the record, it was Haching who won 3 sets at 1: 25-21, 24-26, 50-48 and 25-22). This is not a record since there is at least already a set sold at 56-54 in a South Korean league match in 2013. Slovakian Setter of the HYPO TIROL Alpen Volley DANIEL KONCAL nominated as MVP according to game stats ! Merry Christmas and a very happy new year Daniel !

Turkish opposite DILARA YERGUN lifted up IZMIR BUYUKSEHIR BELEDIYE SC from the deep of ranking !
She is  best scorer of team and shining by her strong jump serves and back court attacks ! 
IZMIR's representative aimedd to save their position at 1st League even it will be not so easy cause many equal teams almost at the same level !
Shining Ugandan Star of Turkish Efe's League just signed with Korean V-League's Top Club HYUNDAI CAPITAL !  
Best Scorer of Turkish League also became 1st African Men Player who will play in Korean League ! 
DAUDI OKELLO was started to Season at SPOR-TOTO Club of Turkey ! 23 Years Old Opposite player will play his 1st game vs. OK next sunday ( 24th of November 2019 ) at home court at Chennan . 
OKELLO was playing before at GALATASARAY SC of Istanbul, Plevne Belediye SC of Tokat and finally at SPORTOTO SC of 
Ankara-Turkey !  
Saturday, 19 October 2019 09:57


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Cuban bomber of ZHETYSU - TALDYKORGAN Club YUNIESKA BATISTA ROBLES won the Super Cup of Kazahstan after 3:0 Straight defeat to their rival ALTAY VC ! 
By this result ZHETYSU booked the ticket for Asian Club Championship Finals of 2020 ! 
YUNIESKA ROBLES also waiting at December 2019 to confirmation from FIVB for her definitive transfer to Kazakhstan to play at National Team of Kazakhstan for Tokyo Olympics Qualification tournament ! 
Sunday, 13 October 2019 09:31


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Serbian experienced mid player DANIJELA NIKIC signed with Hungarian top club; UTE BUDAPEST ! 
UTE was suffering cause of pre-season injuries . The manager of club ERKAN SPORELI told that; UTE will be more effective at block by participation of Serbian tower and also will be more strong at attack.

NIKIC was playing at Kazakhstan League final 2 seasons; and it will be come back of her to European Leagues again.

Most outstanding opposite player of 2018-19 Season Of Turkish Efe's League, Ugandan bomber DAUDI OKELLO signed with newly named SPORT TOTO CLUB of ANKARA ( Ex MALIYE MILLI PIYANGO ) one season contract even many Korean Clubs sent last minute offers for Korean V-League ! 
Ugandan opposite was carried his team TOKAT PLEVNE last season to top 5 after many years at Club history even they were candidate for relegation by Turkish volleyball authothorities at the beginning of season.
Turkish Head Coach of SPOR TOTO CLUB Mr. ERDAR USLU told that, the Club aimed to get a medal in Turkish League and they'll try to play final at CEV Cup too!     
Wednesday, 25 September 2019 13:18


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Most promising volleyball player of Nigerian Volleyball KELVIN ARINZE NWACHUKWU signed with Turkish Champion and Cup Winner of 2019 FNERBAHCE SC - ISTANBUL. 
Nigerian tower ( 2.15 cm and just 16 years old ) finaly represented Nigerian National Team at All African Games 2019 at Maroc.
The president of Volleyball Branch of FENERBAHCE Ms. SIMLA TURKER BAYAZIT told that; FENERBAHCE will invest the future also and some other young talents will follow KELVIN soon ! 
KELVIN just passed the medical check-up at LIV Hospital and paricipated pre-season camp of his new team at Topuk Yaylası sport base of FENERBAHCE SC at Bolu mountain !      
Sunday, 22 September 2019 09:38


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Promising Turkish Receiver-attacker BATI KAYHAN signed with newcomer of Turkish Efe's League: SORGUN BELEDIYE SC.
BATI KAYHAN was in the lists of many clubs after his outstanding performance at Torul Club of Gumushane.
SORGUN BELEDIYE Club aimed to survive at Efe's League !


Tuesday, 17 September 2019 23:36


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One of the oldest soccer based club of Izmir City; signed with Turkish Opposite IRMAK KESKIN ! 
Yellow and Red coloured GOZTEPE SC ( Established at 1925 ) decided to set back their Women Volleyball branch after the decision of board to encourage women sport again in club for more strong public relations.

GOZTEPE SC aimed to lead in Izmir City as a global Sports Club by the vision of President Mr. Mehmet Sepil.

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