Istanbul Host To Korean Try-Out Draft 2023 For Men & Women

2023 KOVO TRY OUT DRAFT for Men and Women host by Istanbul City under organisation of CAAN ATHLETICS Co. with a close cooperation with KOVO. Draft organising 1st time after global pandemia by the real participation of volleyball players from different countries ( 32 Men and 35 Women players ). Draft will continue till 13th of May 2023 at BAHCELIEVLER Hasan Dogan gym of Bahcelievler Municipality. Bahcelievler Mayor Dr. HAKAN BAHADIR told that; they are very happy to bring to their region this International event and said thanks to KOVO & Caan Athletics Co. partnership. The President of KOVO Mr. LEE also told that; that draft will be a bridge between Turkey and Korea to strenghten the sportive relations between 2 countries.