Nigerian Volleyball Tower, Kelvin Arinze Nwachukwu, Returns to Turkish Efe’s League with Bigadiç Belediye SC

Bigadiç Belediye SC Strengthens Squad with Nwachukwu’s Acquisition

Nigerian tower KELVIN ARINZE NWACHUKWU ( 08.05.2002 – 2.15 m. ) came back to Turkish Efe’s League with BIGADIC BELEDIYE SC after his Russian League experience .

BIGADIÇ, TURKEY: The volleyball courts of the Turkish Efe’s League are set to reverberate with the thunderous spikes of Kelvin Arinze Nwachukwu once again. Standing tall at 2.15 meters and born on 8th May 2002, this Nigerian marvel has been the center of attention wherever he’s showcased his skills.

Having previously graced the courts of various international leagues, Nwachukwu’s return to Turkey is a testament to the nation’s growing reputation in the world of volleyball. His blend of agility, power, and precision has left spectators in awe and opponents scrambling for defense.

Joining the ranks of Bigadiç Belediye SC, newcomers to the top tier of Turkish volleyball, signals a strong intent from the club to make a notable mark in the 2023-24 season. Such a high-profile acquisition undoubtedly boosts the morale of the team and sets the tone for what fans can expect in the forthcoming matches.

Mr. Tolga Altıntaş, the young and passionate head coach of Bigadiç Belediye SC, shared his excitement, “Kelvin is a game-changer. With him on our side, we’re not just looking to compete; we’re aiming to dominate. This season, our primary goal is to solidify our position in the league, and Kelvin’s inclusion gives us a significant edge.”

The fervor is evident across the volleyball community, with analysts and fans keenly awaiting Nwachukwu’s performance in the Turkish Efe’s League. As preparations for the new season gather pace, all signs point to an exhilarating chapter of volleyball in Turkey.

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